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Development of the 20092013 Strategic Plan

Initial Development
In 2006, the NEHRP agencies initiated the development of the 2009–2013 Strategic Plan (PDF 1.3MB) with a review of the 2001–2005 Strategic Plan (PDF 217KB) and a public comment period, 2006 Public Review and Comment on the 2001–2005 Strategic Plan.

Mid-term Development
From late 2006 until early 2008, the NEHRP agencies developed the 2008-2012 Draft Strategic Plan (PDF 1.4MB). The agencies drew upon the results of the 2006 public comments and internal assessments of program needs that were conducted in 2006–2007.

The draft Plan was posted on the NEHRP web site for a 30-day public review and comment period that closed on May 9, 2008. All public comments that were received during the public comment period are available online, organized by section below. All references to who submitted comments have been removed.

Final Plan Development
Final Plan Development is a brief summary of the NEHRP review of the public comments, and subsequent editing of the Plan.

The 2009–2013 Strategic Plan is the result of the collective efforts of the NEHRP agencies, but those efforts would have been inadequate without the extensive involvement of the earthquake professional community, first in its reflections on the 2001–2005 Strategic Plan and then in its comprehensive study and input on the 2008–2012 Draft Strategic Plan.

In addition, the Advisory Committee on Earthquake Hazards Reduction (ACEHR) provided valuable feedback on the Plan in early 2008.  The earthquake professional community, and in particular the ACEHR, greatly improved the vision for NEHRP that is expressed in the 2009-2013 Strategic Plan.

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