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The purpose of the NEHRP Clearinghouse is to provide an electronic source of earthquake-related publications that have been produced with NEHRP agency support and are deposited with the National Technical Information Service (NTIS). The NTIS database contains 2,092 FEMA, NBS/NIST, NSF, and USGS-sponsored earthquake research publications dating back to 1977.

Metadata for all of these documents are contained in the NEHRP Clearinghouse database. Searchable PDF files for 2,026 documents are now available for download. The remaining documents will be added in the near future. The metadata and publications were compiled by NTIS and acquired by NEHRP as part of an interagency agreement.

With the NEHRP Clearinghouse, users may locate NEHRP-supported publications in the NTIS database, review abstracts, and download searchable PDF files of the publications quickly and free of charge. It is likely that there are many publications that are not a part of the NTIS collection and therefore are not included in this system. In addition, many peer-reviewed journal articles have been published based on NEHRP projects, and links to those articles are not included.

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