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National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program

A research and implementation partnership


For more information, contact Steven McCabe, 301-975-8549, or Tina Faecke, 301-975-5911,


National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and National Science Foundation (NSF)
Disaster Resilience Research Grant (DRRG) Program Title, organization, and awarded amount.

National Science Foundation (NSF)
Earthquake Seismic Research Awards Award number, title, NSF organization, program(s), start date, principal investigators (PIs), state, organization, and awarded amount to date.
NEHRP-related Grants Link to Award Number sorted by grantee, title, and principal investigator as of June 2020.

United States Geological Survey (USGS)
Funded Research—Grants and Cooperative Agreements Awards, including titles and PIs, and a searchable list of final technical reports submitted by PIs describing their work and findings of grants and cooperative agreements.

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